A day in Oklahoma

Hey Dad,

Well I got rudely awoken by the dumpster being emptied at 6am. I guess that’s what you get for booking a cheap motel behind the back of a Dennys. I didn’t seem to sleep well, and after I finally dropped back off to sleep I woke up at gone 9am! I knew I felt tired. 

Once I finally got up I started the day exploring Oklahoma. 

My first stop was a drive along the parts of route 66 I missed yesterday driving into the hotel. I drove along a road that followed a really nice lake, with people sitting along the waters edge fishing. It looked so peaceful, definitely your kind of place. There was also a route 66 park. One of the cleanest children’s parks I have ever seen. I didn’t stop for long, just long enough to be impressed with how lovely the open public spaces were. 

My second stop was a drive through the city centre. It was amazingly beautiful. Old buildings with modern glass fronted high rises interlaced in between them. The centre felt amazingly spacious, with only a few people and cars around. I have never driven through a city centre so easily! Driving around with no real direction or plan, I came across some beautiful buildings and structures. This has been one of the most surprising cities so far, I really didn’t think I would like it so much. 

After aimlessly driving around, I headed for another building I wanted to see, the gold dome building. The building is basically exactly that, a large round building with a huge gold dome on the top of it. Sadly the building is now derelict and falling into disrepair. I didn’t get many clues at to what it was in a former life, research will be done when I’m home! 

Leaving the doe.i also stumbled across another crazy building, a small single storey brick building, with a huge milk bottle on the top. It’s added to the list of crazy things on route 66! 

I headed out of town this evening to a small town called Arcadia. I had a place to eat in mind. Pops is a diner and petrol; sorry, gas station along route 66. It has a huge soda bottle statue outside. The whole front of the building is glass with shelves full of different sodas in bottles. They sell hundreds of different flavour sodas, and the diner is pretty famous for its burgers and milkshakes. 

Well the milkshake is just about the thickest milkshake I have ever drank! Forget the straw, I drank this thing with a spoon. It was only one step thicker then melted icecream. It was so filling I didn’t need food as well! Of course i still managed a burger and fries! 

I had a wander around the shop, but figured carrying a carbonated drink in a glass bottle in a hot car was not the best plan. I wanted to wait and see the huge bottle outside lit up, but sunset was not going to be for another hour. One other thing I wanted to see was the round barn, which was just up the road. I drive over there and realised the car was silent. Radio had gone out again. Great! Not impressed! The barn was also sadly closed, but I could walk around the outside. Not very often you see a round building with a dome roof made of wood!

I headed back to pops and waited until sunset. It was worth the wait, the pops bottle is made up of horizontal rings attached to a centre pole which forms a straw. The rings change colour, making crazy patterns running up and down the bottle. The glass diner was also lit up with standard white light, but because the light was behind the bottles on the shelves, it made the facade look multi coloured, pretty cool and very clever design. Best looking gas station I have ever seen. 

Frustrated by the radio, and knowing I was staying only a mile away from the airport I headed to Alamo to try and get it sorted. No one was there. Joy. As I tried to leave, I had to go through a security point. I should point out at this stage route 66 and the dirt tracks and gravel roads have taken a toll on the mustang, it was filthy! I got to the exit point, where a woman came out from behind her desk, looked the car up and down and asked ‘is this your personal car?’ I laughed and said no, and then explained why I was there, suddenly realising all the paper work was in my bag back at the hotel. She smiled and looked at the car again, I explained where I had driven from and asked her if there was a car wash near by. In my defense; I had thought about getting the car cleaned, but constantly forgotten once I was actually in the car. She asked me to hold on and walked behind the counter. She came back with another woman from the service department and said that she would be happy to run it though their car wash. Perfect, free car wash! She came back and the car was gleaming. I forgot it was grey, it had been a reddish brown for days! 

Well I am back at the hotel with a clean car, albeit with the radio still broken. Guess I will be heading back there in the morning. 

Night dad x


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