Driving to Tulsa

Hey Dad,

So once again I was woke  up by the dumpster being opened. I am done with dodgy motels for a while, I think by next stop I may he booking into somewhere a little more peaceful. 

Before I hit the road I headed back to Alamo to get the radio fixed. The guy sorted it after looking very confused and I set off along the road. The best bit about the drive today is I could do nearly all of it on route 66!

My first stop today was back to the round barn. It was open today! The barn inside is set up like a museum, it was full of old farming equipment, maps and drawings. There was also a scale model of the barn which was pretty cool. They were also selling random memorabilia; some of it completely unrelated to the barn, it was more of a car boot jumble. Sadly upstairs was just an empty void, but the roof structure was amazing. The original structure is on full view. It was a beautiful wooden dome! 

I carried on following the route 66 signs. This stretch of the road was so different to any of the other parts. This part still had life on it.  The road was well laid, with barriers and lines. There were also houses and farms all along the road. There were no ’empty’ sections of nothing. What did make me laugh though we’re all the pop up shops along the road selling fireworks. These pop up shops were in tents, wooden huts and out of the back of trucks, all covered in red white and blue. It seemed like such a strange place to buy fireworks! 

I also drive though many towns like Chandler and Stroud, which again were full of life. People actually lived in these towns, and had businesses.  The buildings were old and the art work was authentic to the buildings, yet modern and nd well maintained. It was really refreshing seeing these old towns breathe a modern life. 

Once I got Tulsa, I was hot and slightly confussed. The hotel I booked online looked nothing like the Internet. It was far more modern, it must have had a face-lift recently and the Internet has not caught up.  It’s very rare somewhere (especially a budget hotel) looks nicer when you get there then in the online pictures. The hotel also had a pool. Sold! I lugged my stuff to the first floor with no lift, grabbed a bikini and headed straight to the pool! Tulsa can wait, I’ll see that tomorrow. For this afternoon, the pool won! 

I was primarily on my own around the pool, then some woman joined me. She seemed nice, but hearing her life story was not on my list of things to hear. Once she started going on about how she had been single for 19 years, and didn’t ever want a relationship, but never had problem with finding men to take home I left. I probably should point out she seemed to be in her early 50s and carrying double the weight she should be. 

I hung around my room for a while hoping she would be gone by the time I went out for something to eat. She was, phew. I found a cheap pizza place, ate and headed back for a thrilling night of laundry. 

Let’s hope for a better nights sleep tonight!

Night dad x


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