Going to Springfield 

Hey Dad,

So I got up and checked out easily enough and set off along route 66. Or so I thought.  The road signs just stopped! Because a lot of the road had been renamed, asking the satnav is pointless. After driving around in circles unable to find he road I concerned defeat and pulled into a McDonald’s to pinch the WiFi. 

Once I finally found the right road, I headed towards Catoosa it’s a small town along the old route 66, and it’s on the map for one thing; a huge blue whale! The whale sits on a lake. It is a jetty platform with slides into the water. You can walk straight into the smiling whales mouth and down to his tail. There you can climb up to his tail and jump into the murky brown water. From the top so you could see small fish and turtles swimming around. You could even climb a ladder into the whales head,making this structure essentially two storey. It’s nice to see that it is being up kept though, unlike a lot of the sights I have seen along the road so far. 

I travelled through a few other towns, not much to report, businesses, schools, a beautiful church, fast food, the usual.

My next stop was just off route 66, in Foyil. Ed Galloway was a folk artist who built the world’s largest totem pole. It stands at 90 feet and it covered in Indian designs. Surrounding it are smaller poles in different shapes, a cactus and snorkel Arrowhead where the most impressive. There was also a round Hut which had been turned into a gift shop. I was expecting tacky souvenirs, but nope! As I walked in the place was full of fiddles! Only the backs of the mind. Turns out the Ed Galloway was a terrific artist who hand made all of the fiddles out of different kinds of wood. There was over one hundred on display, all with different patterns on them. I spoke with the woman in the gift shop who explained Ed Galloway didn’t even play the fiddle! He just loved the wood. He made over 3o0 of them! 

I drove through more towns then I could name, all with a similar feel to them. Thriving little communities on an historic road. All really pretty and quirky. Between the towns was just fields of green and hay bales. It is exactly like how it looks in pictures and films. 

I followed the road all the way in Kansas. I was only in the state for like half an hour though. I really wanted there to be a ‘leaving Kansas’ sign just so I could get a photo with the title ‘not in Kansas anymore’. However the one I found was on a main road with no where to pull over. Oh well. 

I got into Missouri, where I decided to stop for icecream in another little town. Just up the road I passed a little place called Webb City with a huge statue of praying hands. 

One last drive got me into Springfield. I booked into and non smoking hotel, imagine my disgust when I walked into my room and it smelt of stale smoke. Not impressed. At least it is only for one night! 

Night dad x


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