To St. Louis! 

Hey Dad,

So another day another drive

My first stop was a place I had been seeing road signs from about 30 miles down the road.  A candy factory. It was straight off the road so I figured it was worth a look. It was also home to the ‘largest gift shop in the world’ the fudge looked pretty good to be fair, and the gift shop was your usual tourist trap. I didn’t stay long.

My next random oddity was a bowling pin statue. It was advertising for a bowling alley funnily enough. What made me laugh was it was right next to a sign for an ‘adult’ shop. Which also happened to be next door to the bowling alley. Not really two things you see together very often.

Further down the road I stumbled onto a place called Uranus. I pulled in to set the satnav, and to my amazement the little drive opened up into a huge courtyard with a car park in the middle.  There were loads of small shops, all looking like they were straight out of a multicolored western. It was very strange. The shops included a dinosaur play area, a tattoo shop, a burlesque saloon, a mexican restaurant and a fudge shop. Again, a weird mix.  The fudge shop had tshirt with slogans saying things like ‘fudge packer in Uranus’ made me laugh quite a little bit. 

My next stop was a small town called Fanning, which is home to the 2nd largest rocking chair in the world. It used to be the 1st, until 2016 when it was over taken, apparently. It was a huge red rocking chair. Every inch of me wanted to climb up it, but decided against it knowing I am not strong enough to climb a pole with no hand holds. There would have also been the issue of getting down! 

Next to the rocking chair was an old shop, which was up for sale. I had a sneaky look. The shop, barns, land, and even space for a night club were all up for sale as a package for $595,000. It was an unvelieveable amount of space for the money. It was however deserted. 

I then drove though a town called Bourbon, which I think was named after the liquor. I went on a search for the malt shop, but I couldn’t find it. The address I had led me to a garage. I gave up! 

Well after many hours on the road I made it into St. Louis, Well sort of, I am staying out of the centre; too rich for my lacking budget. I booked into the cheapest place I could find, which is something I have been doing for this entire drive. It’s a hit and miss plan, but I think it’s fair to say this one is a miss. The motel allows pets. Which of course meant as I opened the door to my room the smell of wet dog hit me like a brick. I knew I should have been worried when the sign behind reception said ‘no refunds after 10 minutes of checking in’. At least it’s only for two nights. I asked at reception if there was anywhere to grab something to eat in walking distance, I didn’t really fancy getting back in the car. She replied the only place was ‘Hooters’ on the corner. I was not hungry anyway…. 

I have a sneaky feeling tonight will not be the most comfortable stay. You would not be staying in it that’s for sure! 

Oh well, it’s all about the journey right! 

Night dad x


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