Driving to Lincoln

Hey Dad,

Well last night was no better. I did not sleep at all, especially knowing that those weird catapillar things were on the floor when I came in last night. I picked them up and put them outside, but if they got in before, they could get in again. My room was also outside the dog ‘exercising’ area. Basically where people take their dogs to do their business. Dogs bark. The dog upstairs will also not stay still. I have not felt this tired in a long time.

I packed up as soon as I could and got the hell out of there. I also booked into a hotel for tonight. I needed an upgrade. This place has a whole two stars! Now I just needed to get there.

I headed out of St. Louis, passing the chain of rocks bridge to get to the interstate, where I ended up in the most crazy ten minutes of driving ever. I was following a truck, at fortunately a good distance back. His tyre then suddenly blew out, scattering rubber everywhere! I had enough time to swerve into the other Lane and dodge all the rubber flying around, paranoid about my own tyres. Amazingly this truck carried on. It had two tyres on each wheel base. Then  it even five minutes later another tyre blew out. This time though there was no Lane to go into. I managed to swerve onto the sort of half lane next to the central reservation and zig zag through tons of flying rubber. The truck then finally pulled over. Phew. For a whole minute I had a clear road in front.  Up ahead however was thick black smoke. With that the traffic came to an immediate stop. After 15 minutes of sitting in traffic, and police and two fire trucks flying up the hard shoulder, I passed a burnt out mini van with a handful of 19/20ish year olds standing by it. Amazingly there was a pile of luggage on the side of the road, do they must have just had time to grab their stuff. 

I drove through a handful of small towns, mixing the interstate with route 66 where the road still existed. I stopped in a place called Springfield  (yes another one) to go to the cozy dog drive in. It’s hailed as the plane that invented the cozy dog, or as the rest of America calls it, the corn dog. Basically a hotdog fried in batter on a stick. I went to pay when my heart stopped. My credit card was missing.  Instant panic!! I left the motel do quickly I was worried I left it there. After thinking for a few minutes, emptying out my bag and searching the car, I thought to check the pockets of the clothes I was wearing the day before. I was feeling so tired, and with the two hours of driving is had already done I just could not think straight. Thankfully I found it in the pocket! I never just put my card in a pocket like that! Again, over tired.

Once my heart stopped racing I felt ill. I couldn’t work out if that was tired, panic, or the corn dog. I ended up paying cash in the end, but I did not enjoy it. 

At this point I was half an hour away from the hotel, so I decided to just head there, check in and relax. The hotel also had a pool. 

I checked in to a very nice room, the biggest sigh of relief ever! I drove through Lincoln on the way in and quickly decided an afternoon around the pool would be the best use of my afternoon. 

The pool was freezing! I didn’t even bother getting in, I just set up camp on a sunbed, and read a book. Having a nap was out as there were kids in the pool. 

Probably not the best way to spend a day dad, but whatever. Too tired to worry about it. 

Last day on route 66 tomorrow, I’ll be in Chicago. 

Here’s to an early night!

Night dad x


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