Another day, another road

Hey Dad,

Today I hit the road yet again. Route 66 is over, and now I am heading to the East coast, Well sort of. Next stop is Niagara Falls. That, however is a very long way! 

So today was a day of driving. I headed out of Chicago, and headed East towards Toledo. My stop for the night. 

With Chicago in my rear view mirror, and following the sat nav I realised the signs were saying ‘Interstate toll’. A toll road?! I don’t want to pay to drive on a damn road. I quickly pulled over and tried to reach route the sat nav.

The sat nav said the drive was four hours with the toll road, or over eight hours without the toll road. I decided maybe I did want to pay for the toll after all! 

Driving on the interstate, it was very clear I was no longer on route 66. It was a long road of nothing. Route 66 had charm, and small towns, random structures and buildings; this interstate was a whole load of nothing. I think it’s safe to say it’s the most dull drive I have done on this trip. The landscape is also completely flat. It was four hours of trees, pylons, fast food signs and the occasional barn. 

I drove clear across Indiana and into Ohio. After four hours of driving and a quick stop for lunch I got to my motel for the night. I actually got lucky, the motel had just been refurbished. Not quite the Chicago hotel standard, but it is fine. 

Overall, not the most exciting day, sorry dad, wish I had a crazy adventure story for you, but I am sure Cleveland tomorrow will be better!

Night dad x


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