A ‘rock and roll’ kind of day

Hey Dad,

Back on the road again today. Only a short drive though. 

I packed up the car and went to check out. The motel I stayed at was right on the interstate, and was sort of a truck stop. There was even a shady looking bar next door, which I didn’t bother going into. I did see some interesting looking characters around too, and their trucks. As I was checking out, a guy with tattoos on his neck and two tear drops under his left eye called me very beautiful and smiled at me. It’s definitely one way to start the day I guess. 

Anyway I got back on the interstate, and shock horror it was another toll road! Again the detour was much longer so there was really no point, the toll would can’t as much as additional fuel. This part of the road was also covered in roadworks. It was ridiculous. Paying for a road where your speed is limited to 50 from 70 was a little frustrating. What was a two hour journey ended up being more like two and a half, but whatever.

I arrived in Cleveland, which seemed to be mentioned in loads of obscure films. I have heard of the place, but never seen it. One thing I did know about it was there is a rock and roll museum. I set the satnav in that direction.

Dad this place was pretty cool, you would have liked it. It covered stars from Michael Jackson to Metallica. It was sensory overload though. Films, gig and concert clips, memorabilia, more guitars then you could count, and even the ever famous Michael Jackson Glove. There were bits from all the bands you listened too! I spent hours in this place, wandering around and reading all the information behind the artifacts. There was also a theatre playing a stevie wonder concert, with guests like B.B. King and Sting. It was amazing! There was also a huge section dedicated to the Rolling Stone magazine, and the covers over the years. Even the building the museum is in was cool, a glass pyramid with ‘long live rock’ in huge red letters outside.

Over to the motel for the evening, which meant driving through cleveland in rush hour. I can’t remember the last time I was stuck in traffic! It didn’t take long to clear mind. The motel is at the side of the airport runway, which means every so often you get a ‘whoosh’ noise go right over your head. It’s only a small airport so I am hoping the noise won’t continue all night.

I went for dinner in a restaurant just down the road. I am not sure who they thought I was, but I seemed to get the special treatment. I sat down and ordered, but something went wrong in the kitchen, they messed it up or something, but the waiter came back apologising like he had smashed up my car. I was then given free nachos and salsa. My meal came out, which I got over excited about as I ordered an extra side of asparagus. I have never been so excited for asparagus, but it’s the first time I think I have seen it as an option in the USA. They were not cooked as well as you cook them mind. With that I was asked if everything was OK my the waiter twice, then the manager came over to introduce himself and check if I needed anything. I was even offered a refill on my drink, which I had only drank about a quarter of. After two more checks and saying twice I did not want dessert, I asked for the bill. 

Back to the motel room for the night. Another long drive tomorrow, I am hoping to make it to Niagara Falls! 

Night dad x


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