Driving to Niagara

Hey Dad,

So another non eventful day.

I got up and checked out and started the drive to Niagara Falls.i thought I would be on the toll roads again, but happily there was no charge for the majority of the road. 

After a few hours I grabbed some lunch in yet another fact food place. Seriously the options for food on the road are seriously lacking! 

Back on the road I saw signs for a Niagara Falls information centre, so I headed towards it. It was really helpful, with things to do I didn’t know about. I knew I had to wipe Canada out of my trip because I couldn’t take the car over the border, but the Canadian side had the best views of the falls. So I booked on to an evening tour which would go to the Canadian side, and include a few other things I wanted to do. More on that tour tomorrow though I guess! 

The drive eventually ended up as toll road, figures. The road then took me through Buffalo, which was much more built up then I thought it would be. I also then had to drive over a beautiful bridge to get to Niagara. Of course there was a toll for that too. 

I checked in and headed out for dinner. I came across an Italian restaurant. Looking at the menu they had an offer on called ‘taste of Italy’ which meant you could choose three different pastas to try, with unlimited salad and breadsticks. I was sold on the salad. Well I don’t know when I will learn, but the portion was insane. One individual pasta would pass as a main course at home, and I had three of them to get through! The plate was the size of a party platter. I measured it with my hands, it was two hand spans long. It was crazy. The breadsticks were like thin mini baguettes too, and there was eight of them! There was no way I could get though it all. Before I could say anything the waitress came over with a box for the leftovers. There was enough there for another full meal. 

Barely able to over with pasta overload I headed back to the motel. 

Big day tomorrow Dad, Niagara Falls!

Night dad x


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