Driving South, and looking out of place

Hey Dad,

So I realised something crazy this morning. I am currently as far North as I will go on this trip, and I am right on the Canadian border on the East coast. Well a month or so ago I was in San Diego, close to the Mexican border on the West coast. I have literally driven to the opposite points of the country. 

Anyway, I packed up this morning to head towards Washington DC. Of course i have a stop to make on the way. I checked out and headed towards a town called Pittsburgh. This is just a over night stop really, 4th July weekend funnily enough seems to make all the motel and hotel rooms really expensive. This was the cheapest in the right direction.  

The drive was another dull drive down a interstate, with not much to see. One thing that was pleasant though we’re the hills. The landscape was no longer flat, and there were views across countryside. That made a welcome change. 

After another day of driving I checked into the hotel and chilled out for half an hour. I walked over to the only restaurant I could see out of the window. This is where it got funny. 

I walked in, and instantly twigged that the people in the restaurant and sitting waiting for a table were all very smartly dressed. The waiters had clean white pressed shorts with a tie on. Well me walking in with my leggings, hoodie and trainers definitely stood out. I asked how long the wait was, and the woman said that there was no wait for a booth at the bar. Fine. 

I sat down and was given a wine list, a big long wine list. I was certainly not in a fast food place! Not feeling overly hungry I ordered an appetiser and a side salad. The waiter then cane over with freshly baked bread and oil. Yep this was a nice place. I started to with I had at least brushed my hair before coming out! 

I should point out this restaurant was on the end of a retail complex. It had a mobile phone shop next door and a fed Ex store next to that. The frontage made it look like a basic but nice family restaurant. Nothing to suggest it was a more up market place. The food was really good mind, which after checking the price of it I was glad. 

I ate, paid the bill and walked out pretty quickly. As I was walking out a party of a dozen young girls walked in. Must have been a birthday party, all dolled up to the nines. They were about 15, but dressed to try and look 18. They each walked in and looked a little shocked at me walking out. I was not in a puffy dress and high heels that I could not walk in, or have curled hair with pretty jewels in it. I laughed to myself and left. 

Well back at the hotel, and ready to plan for tomorrow. Ohiopyle tomorrow, which holds one building in particular I want to see!

Night dad x


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