Falling Water

Hey Dad,

So today is all about one building in particular. Falling Water. It was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, and it’s a building I studied a huge amount at university. To be honest I think even you would make a pit stop to go and see it. 

I checked out and jumped in the car, the building was only an hour away! The satnav took me off the toll road interstate and managed to direct me in the opposite way of all the tourist signs. Again, I followed the satnav. This time it worked out in my favour, it took me through some local towns and farms. The houses were beautiful, with loads of land around them and views over the rolling hillside. It was like driving in some parts of the UK, with a narrow road and high trees lining the route making the road dark as it dips down a hill. It was a really nice drive. 

While driving along admiring my surroundings I kept stumbling across Jellystone National Park. Of course that is home to Yogi Bear! Wondering if I would see anything Yogi Bear related I drove past a huge statue! I was going to fast and had a car behind me to stop, so I kept going, figuring I would go back later. 

A little further down the road I came to falling water. One catch. They are sold out of tours today. Damn! But I can buy a ticket to view the grounds, so I can see the house, I just can’t go inside. I decided I could cope with that. I want to are the structure and the outside more anyway. I paid for a ticket and was told to come back in an hour. Lunch it is! 

I went back at my allotted time and started to walk through the grounds. The house is set in a national park, and it’s just beautiful. The whole area is made up of trees and shrubs, and small path ways leading people to Falling Water.

The building was beautiful! I walked around every inch I could, and then walked even further to get some good photos. The structure was just so ahead of its time. Seeing it close up was awesome! The inside looked really cool too, but I was not overly disappointed. I walked around the house and the grounds for over an hour just looking at how the building even stands up, and how it interacts with its surroundings. It is built over a waterfall after all! 

Back to the car I drive back to where I saw the big Yogi Bear. He was cool, but he was on a camping ground. I abandoned the car on the side of the road and ran up the exit drive of the camp ground.I snapped a photo and ran back to the car before I was seen. 

The drive to my overnight stop was across country over all the hills and woodland.finally no interstates! I pulled over everytime I saw a lookout sign, just to see what was around.  The area was just so pretty, and green! 

I eventually made it to a small town called Cumberland. First thing I noticed was nothing. Not one person, or open shop, no birds and not one single car. Weird. A little freaked out I checked into the hotel. Realising I needed to eat I ventured out into the abyss. I stumbled across one homeless person, a cat and a water fountain. The whole town centre was empty! The only thing open, a McDonald’s. Typical.

I went in, wondering if I was even hungry enough to eat this kind of food, to find the restaurant was full of people. On closer inspection, it was full of single middle aged men. All seemed to have tatty clothes and had an unkempt appearance. Feeling slightly on edge I ordered at sat in the corner so I had a good view of the tables. I ate pretty fast, the looks and stares were very off putting. A family came in, ordered food and walked out with it. I followed them out and walked back to the hotel. 

Well another day gone, and another big day tomorrow! 

Night dad x


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