Meeting the Nejako’s

Hey Dad,

Well crazy day today. I am meeting the Nejako’s! 

As you know, Nan has been writing to her Penpal Nancy since like the 194os. We have been brought up our whole lives knowing we are connected to this American family in a very special way. Today I get to meet them. 

I got up and drove the two hours to their house. I am staying With Mark, Nancy’s grandson. So the grandkids of the pen pals are meeting. 

Talk about being welcomed in with open arms! Marks aunty Judy was there too. It was amazing meeting them, and finally putting a face to the names. 

They both knew so much about us and our family. Story’s Nancy had told them just like story’s nan has told us. Judy in particular has amazingly fond memories of Aunty Jean when she was stationed out in Washington DC. Judy had so many tales from when she was a child with Jean coming over and doing the usual crazy and amazing Jean things. She was so amazing to talk to. I gave her an update on how Jean is now and showed her some photos. 

After a speedy catch up, we headed over the Marks parents home. It was Marks birthday today, so we were heading for a family get together. Again I was greeted with open arms, all with story’s and questions about our family and the conversations between our Nans. There was Marks parents, along with Marks sister, her husband and their adorable daughter. Marks other nan was there too, along with Mark, Judy and myself of course. 

We spent all afternoon sitting in the garden and eating BBQ food. Home cooked food! Yes! 

After many many stories were shared we all got back into the cars and headed out to a beautiful park. We were going to listen to the Baltimore Philharmonic orchestra play. It reminded me a little of the old ‘party in the park’ we used to all go to. Families with a picnic and blankets sitting on the grass listening to live music. It being 4th July tomorrow, everyone was in a party mood. The atmosphere was amazing, and everyone was so happy. The music was great, and the fireworks amazing. Sadly our view was slightly obstructed by a tree, but that didn’t really matter. 

The whole evening was wonderful, and I felt so welcome and part of the family. They are all just so lovely Dad, and it was so clear Nancy cared as much about nan as nan does about her. 

We got back to the house and crashed out. It was a very long day! Mark pulled out a photo album and we looked though it. It was unvelieveable! One album at photos in Nan must have sent in her letters. Photos of Nan and Grandad on their bikes and photos of you and uncle Jim as small children. There was another album, filled with when Nancy and her Husband Mark came to visit the UK. I was able to put some names to faces for Mark. Well there were pages in there full of us grandchildren. Photos I have never seen! Nancy must have taken them on her camera and came back to America to get them developed. We were like 4/5 ish with a baby Charlotte at like 18 months if that. The photos were at our old house too! I forgot what that wallpaper looked like! It was amazing to think that we meant enough to Nancy to not only take the photos and have them developed, but to put them in a photo album and keep it all these years! 

Mark showed me to the spare room. Dad there are photos of Nan and Grandad all over the house! there is even a photo of them at the foot of the bed in the spare room, standing outside Nan and Grandad house. There was one of Jean too! There is even some of Jean’s art work on the wall, which she must have sent to them a few years ago. 

I can not believe I am here, in a house Nan and Grandad have visited many times! 

Another huge day coming up, it’s the 4th July!

Night dad x


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